3 Sent To Hospital After ‘Thousands’ Of Angry Bees Attack Picnickers At Southern California Park

CERRITOS (CBSLA.com) — Authorities say three people were sent to the hospital after a large swarm of bees attacked families picnicking in Cerritos.

Fire officials say the incident happened near the tennis court at Cerritos Regional Park on Bloomfield Avenue on Saturday afternoon, where a family reunion was taking place.

“It was thousands. It was thousands, like this whole grass area was covered with bees,” said one park visitor. “They were chasing hundreds of people.”

Witnesses say at least 20 people were stung, and cellphone video captured the aftermath.

“The more women or men that had long hair, they were just attacking them,” said another park-goer. “It was just so crazy.”

The bees reportedly emerged from inside an underground utility box on the grassy field.


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  1. We can identify them as possibly killer bees (Africanized honey bee – cross breeds) They slowly but steadily have been making their way up from the south, and now we have them in almost every state. Normal honey bees do not swarm in thousands nor do they start attacking people. People were picnicking by the golf courses. Probably making noise kids playing …etc. whatever any noise that would irritate these type.

    1. Freeland_Dave says:

      Obviously Einnig Vaugner, you don’t know much about bees. Your comment, “Normal honey bees do not swarm in thousands.” That is exactly what they do at least once a year. The savy beekeeper sets a trap at the exit to the hive that will trap the leaving queen that would take half the hive with her as she migrates somewhere else. That’s why you typically don’t see honey bees swarm but they do and in greater numbers than a thousand.

      1. lingsun54 says:

        You never hear of regular honeybees attacking groups of people. You see that behavior in Africanized honeybees. I don’t care how many hives you claim to have owned. You’re still wrong.

  2. Mike Rotch says:

    Caused by Climate Warming/Global Change, right?

  3. Chicky Dee says:

    I guess those bees were angry about those other bees being killed the other day with pesticide meant for mosquitos.

    1. Rex Lexus says:

      Bee Lives Matter, ruining life in America. Again.

  4. jajajaja says:


  5. Rumplestiltskin says:

    You can be assured that those were Africanized Bees, because the European Honey Bee does not attack while swarming. Their main concern is protecting their queen. Africanized Bees attach anything that moves, and they do that by the thousands depending on the size of the hive.
    I’m am not sure how much free area there is in an underground utility box, but I am assuming it is not much and thus the hive was small. If would have been a full sized hive some of those picnickers would be dead, instead of just going to the hospital.
    They should consider themselves lucky.

    1. Freeland_Dave says:

      And yet another who makes assumptions on no basis of fact. Yes, you can get stung pretty seriously by a honey bee swarm. Next time entertain us with something you really know something about. BTW, how many hives have you owned? I don’t own them at present but at one time I owned over 100 hives.

  6. Letonqua says:

    Them Bees just be all racist an’ zhit.

  7. Ron Rest says:

    Blame Trump.

  8. smith says:

    It BEEs LIke That

  9. pianodancer says:

    “…No word yet on what made them attack…” Try this: They are bees!!

  10. “Angry Bees” games and screen savers will follow.

  11. Sue says:

    I hate racist bees.

  12. Jack Pod says:

    Californians getting stung by bees. It doesn’t get any better than that.

  13. iambicpentamaster says:


    Which al fresco racist used the “p” word?

    Probably some Kaepernicker.

  14. liberalfolly says:

    Its whiteys fault of course.

  15. Boltron says:

    Hey… can you kindly disable this autoplaying of your video content? Some of us prefer to read rather than be annoyed when something starts playing on top of what we’re already listening to or watching. We would appreciate it.🙂

  16. Croid says:

    atta end oda day …. it bees what it bees. dass all. even insecx aint like da protected species

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