Another Former LA Traffic Hearing Officer Claims Being Forced To Rule Against Drivers Fighting Parking Tickets

LOS ANGELES ( — Ron Uchida had to pay $388 to the city of Los Angeles after unsuccessfully fighting a parking ticket.

But after CBS2/KCAL9’s David Goldstein’s investigation, the Burbank man got his money back.

“This was truly a stress factor starting from December when I received the violation and even when I went through the hearing in February,” Uchida recalled.

While Uchida initially lost his fight, what he didn’t know was that he really won.

Traffic hearing officer Joe Kunkaew, who decided Uchida’s case, said he did not want to hold Uchida liable for the citation but was unfairly overruled by his boss.

Kunkaew is not the only traffic hearing officer, who claimed he was pressured into ruling in favor of the city.

Hearing officer, Ernie Nishi, has also come forward, claiming he too was forced to change some of his decisions. “I believe there was a lot of pressure to rule in favor of the city,” he said.

Nishi worked as a Los Angeles traffic hearing officer for 10 years until he left in 2014. He said there was a lot pressure, including one case in particular.

“There’s a veteran, fought for our country, and I had to find him liable,” Nishi recalled.

He said the vet had his car impounded for unpaid parking tickets because he was deployed overseas. The vet fought the tickets. Nishi ruled in his favor but was overruled by his supervisor.

“I had no choice. There’s a procedure. There’s the law. There’s rules. I had to treat him like everyone else. Nothing special,” Nishi added. “But going to war and fighting for our country? Nope, not good enough.”

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation denied that supervisors are unfairly influencing decisions and promised to look into the allegations.

The agency said it has informed its supervisors that they are not allowed to make anyone change their decisions.

“The system to some extent is rigged against the driver,” said Jay Beeber of Safer Streets LA – a group that advocates changes in Los Angeles’ parking system.

He said the process may be rigged because the fate of those fighting parking tickets is decided by a city employee.

“There’s an inherent somewhat conflict of interest between these two entities because they work for the city even though there’s supposed to be independent. Their jobs to some extent are based on whether or not they find people guilty,” Beeber explained.

Uchida had his guilty verdict overturned because of what Goldstein exposed. Now, he got his nearly $400 back and the satisfaction of beating the system, which critics said is stacked against drivers.

If you have a story you think David Goldstein should look into, email or call (818) 655-2442.


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  1. Gerry Stilgenbauer says:

    I’m not surprised! I complained years ago when I was slapped with two parking tickets in an alley behind my mechanic’s garage while he was moving cars around to make room in the service bay for my car which had broken down and towed there. The main street where he was located, Magnolia Blvd., was shut down, and had been for months at the time, for a major sewer project. There was no where else to go. The traffic officer was a creep and the number to call to protest was never answered. Voice mails were never responded to. I have written the two mayors preceding Mr. Garcetti and threatened to no longer do business within the city of Los Angeles. They don’t give a damn! For more than ten years since, I go elsewhere. Even the mechanic that I was going to when this happened has been replaced by one in Glendale. When this happened, My car had been vandalized in Northridge and the LAPD refused to take interest. I refuse to do business within the city of Los Angeles unless it’s absolutely unavoidable. I’ve done this for more than ten years now on the principle of the thing. I urge anyone else burned by the city of Los Angeles with regard to parking tickets do the same!

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