Feds Charge Dozens Of Southern California Postal Workers

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Federal prosecutors in Southern California have charged dozens of postal workers and others with theft, fraud and other crimes — including a mail carrier who allegedly hoarded 48,000 pieces of mail.

The U.S. attorney’s office announced Friday that it has charged 33 people with theft, possession of stolen mail, conspiracy, embezzlement, bank fraud, making false statements and use of stolen credit cards.

One case alleges that a former Mail Handlers Union executive stole more than 150 mobile phones at a distribution center in the Moreno Valley and traded them through a website.

Another charges that a Los Angeles mail carrier was involved in a scheme that created pre-paid PayPal debit cards using stolen identities. Prosecutors say the scheme caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses.

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One Comment

  1. Dennis Stankie says:

    I’ve complained about missing mail at the Reseda post office for years. one time the post master called the police because she said she was threatened by my questions. Any Questions?

  2. As a retired mail carrier of 34 yrs, i’m not surprised at all. When I started back in 1981, it was a different business. Carriers, clerks and other postal workers were proud at the work we accomplished everyday. Management hired you for a permanent job, if you can handle the job.
    It was a high stress, physically demanding job. We all worked long hours, holidays and you hoped
    next week you would get a day off. We cared and most of us loved the job and our customers.

    The post office doesn’t work that way anymore. Managers do not have the authority to run their
    office. Carriers do not have any input how to deliver / manage their own route. Each day all offices received instructions from their main hubs via emails and telephone calls. All based on computer generated numbers on the amount of mail coming in that day. You can’t do this job without human input.

    We cared, about our job, customers and delivering or mail. Carriers now have to deliver to the amount of 2 to 3 routes a day, preferably in 8 hrs. All this based on computer printouts. The carriers delivering mail today, are overworked, tired and yes some just don’t give a damn.
    New carriers are hired on a temporary status, barely trained and treated like slaves. I don’t condone this type of stealing, but, when your hired as a temp, not trained properly and overworked
    the public will be seeing more stealing, hoarding and throwing mail away. Unfortunately the post office management doesn’t care where the mail is delivered as long as they report mail was
    delivered on that day. It’s very sad for me to see a job I loved and cared about for 34 yrs, become
    a service of poor management decisions.

  3. don’t know who is worse the VA or the post office

  4. Dustin Gzym says:

    Now, if they would stop the thief who keeps stealing my packages out of the 85034 sorting facility, life would be grand.

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