Do I Need A Tax Attorney?

Have you been thinking about hiring a tax lawyer? Your mind could or should be headed in that direction for any number of reasons.
For instance, you’ve just come into some estate money and you don’t know how to proceed. Or, you’ve started a new business based on your expertise but you need someone, preferably a former IRS tax attorney, to help sort out the legal matters for such a venture.


More Good Reasons

In addition to all these good reasons to hire an expert, folks who find themselves with overwhelming IRS tax issues should stop worrying and start looking for a good tax attorney. This is especially true if you are about to be audited, if you are planning to take issue with a move the IRS has already made to collect money owed or if you are being investigated due to an IRS tax matter that seems to be out of your hands. After all, this particular expert has been schooled in working through all of the examples above. He or she is well worth the hire if only to be your representative when communicating with the IRS.

But that’s not all a good tax lawyer can do. He or she can also assist in making sure your business is able to save money by, for instance, taking advantage of tax credits. This is a very complex area typical entrepreneurs don’t have experience dealing with and/or who don’t want to deal with once their education on this aspect of running a firm begins and reality sets in.


Best In Show
Be sure to find a tax lawyer who will work best for you with regard to your particular situation. When you are seeking this kind of assistance, be sure that the professional you hire has already handled the area of concern you are presently facing.
Discover what credentials your choice of tax lawyer is holding. Is this person licensed in your state? Does he or she have a Master of Laws degree? Does this person double as a CPA and is that a problem or is this kind of expertise an asset? You need to focus on all these questions when considering a tax attorney to work for you.
Another concern in this arena is whether or not you feel comfortable working with the tax attorney you are contemplating as a new hire. Do you feel you are unable to communicate well with this person? Are you unable to explain yourself and your situation without wringing your hands while worrying that you aren’t being clear? Do you seem to be speaking a foreign language without the proper translator present?
Finally, make sure you find someone who is affordable within the framework of your company. If you don’t know how much you can spend without major changes to the structure of your business, be candid with your candidate. Let them convince you that your budget can handle the extra and very crucial help.


Peace of Mind
With all this in mind, if you are leaning toward hiring a tax attorney to join your team, know what comes with hiring will be total peace of mind. After all, when everything is said and done on whatever problematic venture you are facing, there is nothing better than having a significant expert to turn to who can and will address and resolve your IRS tax and other legal needs on a regular basis.

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