Just Got Rich And Want To Keep It? How To Start A Family Office

Have you recently come into some money? Did you gain an inheritance, win the lottery or pick up a windfall in another way? Before you start spending the money, think about the ways in which you can make it grow.
Careful Consideration
A lot must be considered if you want to enjoy this newfound money. You’ll need to be prepared for any tax ramifications. You’ll also need to figure out how you can use these fresh funds so that you don’t lose them due to a law you may have overlooked. And finally, you will likely need to start a family business.
Enter a tax lawyer, your best adviser for these tasks at hand. After all, when a professional who is well versed in the ways of the IRS looks after you, your interest will build as you put a preconceived plan into action.
Money Saver
Are you afraid to spend the money to hire a tax lawyer, preferably someone who has past experience as an IRS tax attorney? Well, don’t be. For instance, while you might think that this particular sort of assistance is going to cost you a bundle, think again. In fact, hiring this savvy professional will likely save you a lot more money in the long run.
Case in point: Through no fault of your own, one of your former employees has decided to sue your company. Another issue that might come up in which a former IRS tax attorney can help is if a government official from the local, state of federal sector decides to look into your books in search of legal violations. You will be ready to take this on because you have staffed the right employee for the job at hand.
Other important issues, like finding the right way to allocate both profits and losses to your newly formed LLC or partnership or dealing with environmental problems for which you may be penalized, can also be handled by the tax attorney working for you. This member of your staff can also work to find you more ways to invest your money so you make more, like buying specific companies or by selling the one you have already created to put those funds elsewhere.
Out Of The Blue
In addition, there is the possibility that you may have to deal with more obscure issues as a fresh business owner. For instance, while you are interviewing a candidate for a job at your new company, you may ask questions that, much to your dismay, ultimately lead to a dreaded lawsuit.
But how can that be? It’s an area of concern in which much of what you say during that initial interview seems to be within your rights, but actually isn’t. However, you won’t experience that problem if you already have an experienced attorney by your side. That staffer can prep you for this kind of possible downfall, one that will cost you plenty of money if you are not prepared ahead of time to avoid that kind of mistake altogether.
Keeping On Track
With all that said, those coming into new money definitely have a lot to think about when learning how to handle it. Thankfully, some of the burden can be lifted by choosing members of your team who will sort out the matters they know best.
This is particularly true when it comes to hiring a good tax attorney, a knowledgeable person who will be bound and determined to help you hold on to your money. He or she will do this while you gain invaluable assurance that you’re on the right path in your new venture even before you ever get started.


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