GARDEN GROVE ( — Police asked for the public’s help in identifying three males who disguised themselves as deliverymen during two home invasion robberies.

The Garden Grove Police Department said that three to four black males were seen wearing black clothing and jackets on surveillance video.

Officials said that one of the suspects is 20 to 30 years old, about 6 feet tall and is heavy-set, weighing no more than 270 pounds.

(credit: Garden Grove Police Department)

(credit: Garden Grove Police Department)

He was seen wearing gold-framed aviator sunglasses and distinctive high-top black basketball shoes with white soles, police said.

KCAL9’s Stacey Butler spoke with Lt. Jeff Nightengale of the Garden Grove Police Department about the recent home invasion robberies.

“We’re concerned because we’ve had two of these style robberies in the last two days,” said Nightengale.

According to police, the first home-invasion robbery occurred just before 4 p.m. Monday and was reported by a homeowner in the 13500 block of Merello Street.

Three teenagers were home alone at the time of the robbery and heard a knock at the front door, where they encountered two suspects holding flowers claiming they had a delivery for their mother, authorities said.

“As soon as the door opens, the suspects rush inside, they tie up the victims and they place them in a room and hold them there,” Nightengale said.

According to police, the suspects left with property and warned the victims that they would come back and kill them if they called 911.

It was unclear what was stolen from the home.

Authorities said that the second home-invasion robbery occurred 11 a.m. Wednesday in the 8500 block of Hewitt Place.

Three suspects entered the gated complex through the open garage door of a south-end unit while holding a large bunch of balloons, police said.

According to officials, the victims had intentionally left the garage door open for fresh air.

Once inside of the home, the suspects asked the victims for valuables and proceeded to zip-tie and push three adults and two children into a closet until they left, officials said.

According to officers, a witness saw the suspects leave the victim’s home carrying balloons, but it was unclear if any property was stolen from the victim’s home.

In both cases, the suspects threatened to return, leaving the victims and neighbors on edge.

Officers believe that these suspects may have targeted other neighborhoods in surrounding towns.

“If you see somebody coming to your door and you’re at all suspicious and not really sure what their intentions are, please call 911, do not open the door,” Nightengale said.

Anyone who may recognize the suspects or have any information regarding these crimes is urged to contact the Garden Grove Police Department at (714) 741-5800.

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