Scent Bar Experts Know Just How To Bewitch The Olfactories

LOS ANGELES ( — Finding the right blend of floral, spice and woodsy scents to play up a woman’s natural essence is not the simplest of undertakings.

The experts behind the counter at Scent Bar in L.A. have a firm grasp of this delicate art form, having tested and savored the more than 700 perfumes on their shelves.

One must first understand that perfume is a very personal choice, Scent Bar pros tell CBS2’s Suzanne Marques. It not only caters to a woman’s body chemistry but evokes the particular aura she wants to present to the world.

There are the crowd-pleasers, to be sure, but some women demand a very particular blend that requires store employees delve into small brands and rare scents. When no one has tried or heard of your perfume, it’s not a far cry from having your own “custom” scent.

This makes Scent Bar a stand-alone retailer, along with the fact that the staff won’t push a particular scent on customers if it isn’t right, much like the scenario in many department stories.

The staff learns about your tastes and style and makes a suggestion accordingly.

“You tell us a few names, chances are we might know them, that it’s a fruity-floral or patchouli-based amber,” one worker told Marques.

The experts present an array of perfumes tailored to the customer, who then narrows it to the perfect scent.

“I think body chemistry plays a role. I’ve witnessed it lots of times, where they say perfumes don’t last on me,” one woman said.

Looking for a signature scent no one can duplicate?

The ladies here recommend Molecule 01. The cult favorite interacts with the body’s unique pheromones so it smells differently on everyone.

Scent Bar is a brick-and-mortar counterpart of the website Lucky Scent. Visit their shop at 7405 Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles. Customers can browse their expansive selection at


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