ANAHEIM ( — Community members rallied Saturday against alleged police brutality to commemorate the two-year anniversary of two men killed by Anaheim officers.

Organizers say they hope the event will raise the public’s awareness about those who are unjustly killed by officers, as well as honoring the memory of the victims.

Activists are remembering 12 people who were fatally shot by Anaheim officers in a 10-month period between 2011 and 2012.

They’re focusing on the deaths of two men in particular, Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo, whose 2012 deaths sparked large protests that converged on City Hall in what would be referred to as the “Anaheim Uprising.”

Saturday’s event was organized by Young Survivors Legacy Support Network, in conjunction with community organizations and the loved ones of OIS victims. They called on the community to join them in a march to the Disneyland theme park.

In a written statement, rally organizers said:

“Law enforcement works without public scrutiny, with lack of discipline which perpetuates police abuse as there are no sanctions for their misbehaviors.  Deadly force can be prevented by simply holding officers responsible for their actions…

“While tourists enjoy the ‘happiest place on earth’, the people of Anaheim continue to face police abuse.”

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