VICTORVILLE (  — Officials are looking for a biker who showed a serious case of road rage in the high desert.

KCAL9’s Crystal Cruz reported the motorcycle meltdown at a stop light in Victorville was probably scary for the driver. The fracas was all caught on camera by another motorist.

The biker is shown repeatedly kicking the side of a van. He then lets loose on the side mirror like a boxer in the ring.

Cruz  said the biker than took another swipe at the mirror and left it dangling from the van like a broken arm.

The man who caught all of this on his cellphone says he first saw the man on the bike get off and walk over to the van and open the door and then start yelling at the driver.

The driver quickly shut and locked the door.

San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department deputies want to question the motorcyclist after a vandalism report.

So far, officers have no way to find him because the bike is missing a license plate.

As for the van, it belongs to Century Blinds out of Corona.

A manager told Cruz the driver has worked with the company 16 years and has no recollection of doing anything that would’ve made the motorcyclist go ballistic.

The driver wasn’t hurt, and the company told Cruz he just wants to put the incident behind him.

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