Women Buy Used Pregnancy Tests Online To Trick Their Partners

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — The latest hot commodity on the web? Used pregnancy tests.

It’s growing online — women buying someone else’s positive pregnancy test to trick a man.

“She wanted to trick him into thinking she was pregnant so he would drop everything so I gave her two tests,” said an anonymous mother-to-be who sells positive pregnancy tests online.

Pregnant women who sell the tests for as much as $30 each say it’s just the latest trend.

“95 percent of the girls just want to lie get a man,” a mom from Dallas said.

Finding the tests for sale online is easy on sites like Craigslist. By punching in the search terms “Positive Pregnancy Tests,” ads pop up titled “Prank Your Boyfriend” and another promising “No Judgement”.

CBS2 arranged to meet one Orange County mom to purchase two positive test strips. In a matter of seconds, and at just $10 each, the deal was made.

Morality aside, relationship expert Dr. Jane Greer says having to use a phony test to get a partner to commit is clearly a bad sign for the future.

“If you’re buying one of these, it really is a statement that you’re not on solid ground with the person you are in a relationship with,” Dr. Greer said.

It’s not illegal to sell the tests, but law enforcement warns using them to demand money from a partner could be considered blackmail.


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