AGUA DULCE ( — Authorities say three Agua Dulce residents are heroes for risking their lives Friday to save two people injured when a small plane crashed.

Officials said the three stepped over downed power lines and ignored the leaking plane fuel to rescue the two identified occupants.

The plane crashed about 25 miles south of Palmdale around 2 p.m.

CBS2’s Randy Paige reported from outside the Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital in Valencia, where the crash survivors were taken.

Looking at the twisted metal and single-engine plane broken and in pieces, Paige said, it was “lucky” that anyone survived.

He spoke by phone Friday to John and Paula Devos. They were the first to arrive at the crash site and among the three people who rendered aid to the victims before paramedics arrived.

Paula said her heart broke when she saw the plane’s passenger hanging upside-down by her harness with a deep gash in her forehead. The pilot’s legs were wedged under the dashboard.

The pilot was able to tell the couple he was 29 years old. They said the pilot lapsed in and out of consciousness. The female passenger appeared to be in her mid-20s, the couple said. She was unconscious through the rescue.

Fire officials said the plane clipped a power line before crashing into the high desert.

The LA County Fire Department said the two victims were transported in serious condition.

The rescuers told Paige that when they first came upon the crash site and saw how crushed the cockpit and cabin were, they doubted anyone could be found alive.








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