NEWBURY PARK  (  — Some burglars stole her property but not her sense of right and wrong.

A Newbury Park woman’s home was burglarized and the thief or thieves made off with jewelry, a camera and an iPod.

Carra Robertson wrote a letter to the Thousand Oaks Acorn but the missive was written to be a message to the person or persons who took her property.

It’s a story only on CBS2.

Robertson called her letter “An Ode to My Burglars.”

The heart-tugging letter might never be seen by the thieves.

But as she told Juan Fernandez reporting for CBS2, that wasn’t really the point.

“Everything you do in this world and everything you say affects somebody else and affects everybody,” she said. “It really does.”

She wrote about the trinkets her kids made for her when they were young — a wax necklace, a paper jewelry box, an ornament from a missing tooth. “Have you ever made something special for your mom when you were a kid?” she asks them. “My kids did, but now those items are just memories.”

Robertson added: “I’m pretty sure when you trespassed and stole my personal belongings, you didn’t think about how your choice would affect others.”

She goes on to say she knows there are bad people in the world but she can’t wrap her head around the fact “they want to be bad.”

If that wasn’t blistering enough, she then goes on to outline several of the items stolen from her and what they meant to her, including their sentimental value.

Take the college ring, for example. “My mom worked three jobs and bought it for me. I was the first in my direct family to graduate college.”

Or that silver charm bracelet. “My best friend and I gave each other one 25-plus years ago. We’ve added charms every year.”

A ring from her former husband. “Unfortunately, we didn’t last, but I kept it as a reminder that I once was indeed in love.”

In closing, she sends the thief or thieves a message of forgiveness.

“If anything, I hope these conclusive words leave you feeling positive and hopefully inspired to land a hand, a lemon off your tree or an ear to someone who needs to be heard. Maybe this can be a start. Let’s turn this around.”


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