No Charges For Fontana Student Who Shouted ‘Get Out!’ On School PA

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textalerts180 No Charges For Fontana Student Who Shouted ‘Get Out!’ On School PA

FONTANA (AP) — Police say a student who shouted “Get out!” over the public address system at a Southern California school was just worried a teacher was coming, and not trying to make others think they were in danger.

Fontana police said Thursday that no students at Heritage Intermediate School will face charges over the May 2 incident.

Police say a student had learned how to access the school’s PA system and turned it on. But when a friend saw a teacher was coming, he yelled, “Get out, Get out!”

That sparked fear among students. Some called their parents on cellphones with worries there was a shooter on campus.

Police say they identified and questioned the student, and he didn’t intend to cause such a response.

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