ANAHEIM (  — Anaheim Police have released interrogation tapes — including the confession — of a serial killer who murdered four homeless men and at least two other people.

The tapes are being called a haunting interview from beyond the grave.

Stacey Butler, reporting for KCAL9, calls them “chilling.”

In the series of tapes, Itzcoatl Ocampo can be heard explaining why he killed and went on a murder spree more than two years ago.

He tells the investigator Darren Wyatt he knows the difference between right and wrong. And he admits he knows murdering people was wrong.

But Ocampo adds, “But it had to be done.”

The then 25-year-old former Marine from Yorba Linda tells the investigator that he realized the murders made Orange County “look bad,” but the victims were “making the place look bad also.”

He told the interviewer that he believed he was helping the country clean up the problems with the homeless.

Ocampo was awaiting trial for the six murders (four homeless men who were strangers and a mother and son he was acquainted with) when he swallowed a lethal amount of Ajax.

Before he killed himself, he talked about why he felt the need to kill others.

He was asked, “What made you want to kill someone? The fact that you are a Marine?”

Ocampo replies matter-of-fact, “Probably, sir. Yes, sir. I didn’t get to kill when I was there, so …”

“So, you needed to do it?,” he is asked.

“I look at other Marines and wanna be like them,” Ocampo says.

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