Seal The Deal At Your Next Audition Or Job Interview

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STUDIO CITY (KCAL9) — Voice, speech and accent reduction coach Denise Woods stopped by KCAL9 Monday to share her tips on how to seal the deal for a big audition or job interview.


• Know the company or network you wish to work for; leave no stone unturned! Look for commonalities and ways to convince them that you’re the perfect fit for the job or role.

Eye, Ear, Brain, Mouth, Body — EEBMB:

• Effective communication begins with a process of seeing, listening, computing, breathing and speaking ideas with the goal of leaving an indelible impression.

• The eyes never lie, nor does body language; allow your eyes and body to become completely engaged with the interviewer.

• The process must be quick, simple, and above all, organic.

The Sherlock Holmes Effect:

• Observe and assess your physical surroundings once you’ve arrived for the interview.

• You may discover a small aspect of the person or company “in the room” that can serve as a great conversation tool.

Confidence vs. Cockiness:

• Your history conveyed truthfully can be fascinating; think of the interviewing process as sharing the gift of YOU.

• The key word here is sharing; the act of “sharing” possesses a gracious element that will not only relax you, but leave an authentic impression as well.


• Have very specific goals for the interview and navigate it! Don’t become tangential; know how much information is enough!

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