DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES ( — An online video shot in Downtown LA is going viral for capturing a series of “pranks” that changed a local waitress’ life.

Chelsea Roff does so much for others that her friends felt it was time good things came her way. The 23-year-old suffered from an eating disorder when she was younger and now runs a non-profit, teaching yoga to help others with the condition. She also takes care of her younger sister by herself.

Her friends called on to stage their next “Prank It Forward” campaign around Roff while she was working her shift at Springstreet Smoke House.

On Tuesday, the “pranks” started when a customer left Roff a $1,000 tip. True to her generous spirit, she insisted on splitting it with her co-workers, who already knew about the “pranks.”

Roff’s second customer, a couple, offered her two free plane tickets to Hawaii.

Her third customer, a clinical psychologist, offered Roff her dream job, teaching yoga.

But it didn’t end there.

When the third customer took Roff outside, there was a brand new car waiting for her.

The waitress was bewildered by all this unexpected good fortune but absolutely floored by the person who stepped out of the vehicle. It was Roff’s yoga teacher, who was instrumental in changing the young waitress’ life. says they’ll donate to charity every time someone views the prank online. Click here to watch it now.


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