SANTA PAULA ( — The family of a 39-year-old Santa Paula woman is reeling Sunday after learning their kin was killed by errant gunfire from men fighting outside her home.

Four men were apparently feuding in the 1200 block of High Street on Saturday afternoon around 1 p.m. when two of them pulled out guns and began firing.

The men didn’t hit each other but one of the bullets entered the home of Norma Elizalde and struck her in the neck while she was doing laundry.

Elizalde was a twin and a mother of two, a 16-year-old and a 13-year-old. (The youngest son was at home at the time of the murder.)

Her family said she was so devoted to family, she lived next door to her father and siblings.

Police are actively searching for four suspects.

Cristy Fajardo spoke with the woman’s distraught family Sunday evening including her brothers Flavio Ramos, Jr., and Nicolas Ramos.

“It’s a crush to our hearts, and our spirits,” said Flavio.

Elizalde worked for an optometrist and was excited at the prospect of sending her oldest off to college.

“That could have also been my nephew,” said Flavio.

“She was at home,” said brother Nicolas, in disbelief. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

Detectives believe because the shooting occurred in broad daylight there were witnesses and people saw something that could help them catch the killers.

The victim’s brother made a plea for witnesses to come forward.

“It’s a plea. For those who know something, please. step forward,” said Nicolas.

The victim’s brothers told Fajardo they lost their mother a year ago — this same month.

Elizade’s twin sister was too distraught to appear on camera, but she told Fajardo that she didn’t know how she would live without her other half.







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