VENICE ( — The family of a man shot and killed in 2013, handed out flyers Saturday in a continued hope that his killer can be brought to justice.

Dejon Ward, a 21-year-old Victorville man, was shot and killed while sitting in his car outside a 7-Eleven in Venice on July 12, 2013. The crime occurred just before 1 p.m. was captured on camera and the suspects are shown jumping into a car and fleeing.

Police had no motive, no suspects and the case has gone cold. They had a clear shot of the suspect vehicle, but no plate.

Today, Ward’s friends and family canvassed the neighborhood where Dejon was shot and handed out flyers. They also reminded the community of a reward for information leading to an arrest.

The victim’s mother, Shawana Soils, is hoping someone will come forward.

Soils told KCAL9’s Greg Mills she is confident someone will do the right thing.

“The people in this neighborhood? They know something,” she said, “this community. They know. I think they’re afraid to talk though.”

At the time of the murder, police detectives said they were on the hunt for two suspects.

His mother told Mills she did a good job of always steering her son away from trouble. He wasn’t in a gang, was very popular. Police believe he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time — he was in the area to pay a ticket but got lost and went in the wrong direction.

Soils told Mills she didn’t even want her son joining the military.

“Every time he would ask me, if he could go to the army, I would tell him ‘No,'” Soils said. “Because I told him, if you go into the army, something might happen to him.”

Ward’s younger brother knows what he wants to see happen to the suspects.

“They need to go to jail,” he said, “Forever. Because they killed my brother.”

The alleged gunman fled in a silver Nissan Armada SUV.


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