SANTA ANA ( — A shortage of Mexican limes has driven prices skyward and caused a shortage noticed by local margarita and guacamole fans alike.

The Orange County Register reported Saturday that a case of limes that sold for $20 a few weeks ago now goes for $105, and the fruit is increasingly hard to find at any price.

“The prices are insane,” said Dave Samuels, a Santa Ana produce importer, in an interview with the Register.

Amar Santana, a chef at his Laguna Beach eatery, said he uses a case a day for its renown margaritas, said “right now, there’s nothing we can do.”

Some farmers in the Mexican state of Michoacan are reportedly withholding their limes to hold out for even better prices, and a winter storm damaged crops in another part of the republic.

The Mexican lime shortage may be a boon, however, for Southern Californians lucky enough to grow their own the Orange County Register reported.

At least two restaurants in Fullerton and Costa Mesa are offering their $10 margaritas for 25 cents to customers who hand over a bag of homegrown limes.


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