LOS ANGELES CBSLA.com) — The song is called “Good Day” and it’s not just meant to be uplifting and spiritual and meaningful.

It’s also meant to remind people, cancer survivors in particular, that there is hope in any hopeless situation.

“It’s a song about getting through the struggles of life and about looking on the positive side of things. It would be great match for Komen and the race,” says Kevin Clayton, Quattro’s manager.

Quattro combines classical sounds with Latin and jazz influence. The members all live in Los Angeles but hail from all over the globe.

“Kay-Ta (Matsuno), the guitarist, is originally from Japan. Lisa (Dondlinger) is from Iowa. Giovanna (Clayton) was born and raised in Toluca, Mexico. Jorge (Villanueva) is from Tijuana, Mexico,” Clayton says.

The group’s lead singer, Giovanna, also plays the cello. She also happens to be married to Quattro’s manager.

The band’s interest in breast cancer is a personal one. Both of Kevin’s aunts, Charlotte and Pam, are breast cancer survivors.

The women’s cancers are in remission, each for about five years, but both had to undergo mastectomies and intense chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Clayton says neither woman really opened up about their struggle with the illness, until the song became an anthem for the movement.

“Knowing more of the story now, I love them and respect them all the more,” says Kevin.

His wife concurs.

“For me it’s been sort of an enlighten period because you realize, I was right here when these women were going through this and didn’t know. And now to be thankful and to be aware of it until it happens to you,” says Giovanna.

Quattro will proudly play “Good Day” at the Race for the Cure.

They know when they look out at the crowd, it will be as diverse as their band. Breast cancer does not discriminate.

“The one thing I remember Charlotte said was ‘It didn’t pick me for any reason, I knew so many other women who went through it. I didn’t do something wrong or right;” Giovanna said.

The song is all about hope and strength and keeping on. It’s dedicated to those affected by breast cancer and survivors, like the aunts. It’s also for those still struggling, a musical gift.

(written by Giovanna Moraga Clayton, arranged by Quattro)


It’s six o’clock and I’m jumpin out of bed

One of those days when I’m gonna get ahead

of the ball that I seem to keep on chasin’

I hit the gym and today its not so bad

I’m thinking back saying man

I wish I had this feeling

everyday when I first wake up


It’s gonna be a good good day

I’m feeling great baby

Chase my blues away

Give me a mountain to climb

Cause today my mind is made up

It’s gonna be a good good day

Throw me the ball cause I’m

Bringing my ‘A’ game

Baby don’t try to bring me down

It’ll be time wasted


The sun is out and it’s the cherry on my cake

This energy’s got me feeling

Wide awake

I’m ready now to shine my light

For the world to see

I only pray that I run into a soul

Who I can bless cause I’m feeling

On a roll

This happiness just might be contagious



It’s not realistic

Is what I’ve heard

You’re so optimistic, it’s absurd

But I know I’ll have my share of

Not so good days straight up bad days

So I choose to focus on the positive

Baby don’t bring me down

Just let me live my


Copyright: I AM Music Group
All rights reserved.

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