STUDIO CITY (KCAL9) — Carina Sohaili, a board certified celebrity nutrition/health counselor and founder of Vibrant Healthy Life, stopped by KCAL9 Wednesday to share what snacks to eat for glowing skin, lasting energy and calm nerves.

PUMPKIN SEEDS (1/4-1/8 is the perfect snack size)

  • The perfect combination of protein and heart-healthy fat in order to satisfy your cravings, increase your energy levels and keep you full until your next meal
  • Healthy fats = energy
  • Protein = more full for a longer amount of time
  • The healthy omega fats in pumpkin seeds are ideal for reducing stress and lowering anxiety levels – they have a huge calming effect on the body
  • As well as increase post-meal satisfaction levels
  • Get ready to glow: The Vitamin-E in pumpkin seeds is fantastic for skin
  • Vitamin-E fights off damaging free radicals that contribute to aging
  • Vitamin- E also does wonders for wrinkles and is a huge skin smoother
  • Fight the flu: pumpkin seeds contain zinc (which a lot of people lack in their diet)
  • Zinc is an immune boosting superstar; no one wants to be skin during awards season
  • Zinc is great for your skin; helps minimize bumps and evens out skin tone (especially rosacea!)
  • Always carry a “smart snack” withat all times, such as an emergency stash of pumpkin seeds in a red carpet clutch-purse or car
  • Life is unexpected and you need to be prepared so you do not get “hangry” and overeat later on
  • Pumpkin seeds are the perfect solution for a hectic ‘on the go’ lifestyle


•      2/3 cup plain-nonfat Greek yogurt

•      ¼ cup plain organic canned pumpkin

•      1 tablespoon cinnamon

•      1 tablespoon Stevia (an all-natural sweetener that does not spike blood sugar levels)

  • Plain non-fat Greek Yogurt
    • Greek Yogurt has double the amount of protein than normal yogurt
    • The protein will keep you more full and satisfied for a longer amount of time, as well as help stabilize your blood sugar levels (so you do not have an energy crash)
    • Most “normal” yogurts are loaded with unhealthy sugars, and preservatives which will make even more hungry an hour or so later = NOT ideal for that red carpet walk, or life in general
    • Not to mention, it has a richer, creamier taste.
    • Beat the bloat: Greek yogurt is also loaded with healthy bacteria which is great for digestion, bloating and immunity
    • YES, you want a flat stomach on the red carpet (no-one needs a bloated, uncomfortable faux baby belly)
    • Organic Canned Pumpkin
      • Eat for energy: pumpkin is a healthy carbohydrate that is loaded with fiber
      • Healthy carbohydrates  = energy for the big day
      • The fiber will keep you more full for a longer amount of time
      • It’s a skin superfood as it’s loaded with Vitamin-A and Vitamin-C
      • Both these vitamins help minimize the dark circles under your eyes
      • Vitamin-A and Vitamin-C are also great for keeping skin moist, young and fresh especially during harsh winter weather
      • Cinnamon
        • Cinnamon is one of my favorite slimming spices and here is why:
        • It speeds up your metabolism, increases post-meal satisfaction levels, curbs unhealthy junk food cravings and gives you lasting energy because it does not spike your blood sugar levels
        • Cinnamon does wonders for stomach cramps and nausea

Half of a medium avocado with freshly squeezed lemon

  • It is more potassium than a banana (potassium rids the body of toxins and reduces bloating)
  • Healthy fats are great to calm nerves, anxiety and reduce stress
  • It has skin-clearing Vitamin-E, which is great for smooth skin, crows feet and wrinkles
  • PROTEIN! Yes, avocados have protein. Love the combination of protein and healthy fat; ideal for energy and stress reduction
  • Heart healthy omega fats increase post meal satisfaction levels and give you energy as well – not all fat is bad!
  • The lemon is another great de-bloater. The vitamin-C in lemon is also great for your skin and a huge immune system booster
  • Fun fact: avocado is actually a fruit!

Chia Seed Vanilla Almond Milk Pudding

  • Chia seeds are a nutrient dense DREAM; one tablespoon is packed with healthy fat, complete protein, and incredible minerals (from magnesium to calcium, iron and zinc) as well as a great source of fiber
  • The protein is a great for all lifestyles; meat eaters, vegan and vegetarians
  • The fiber is great for long term energy, bloating and will keep you feeling full for a longer amount of time
  • The healthy fats are great for stress, anxiety and pre-award jitters
  • Due to the variety of different vitamins and minerals these guys do wonders of your skin, mood and energy –they also expand in the almond milk making it a thick gooey texture (more fun to eat)
  • Almond milk has healthy fats, protein and potassium – another great de-bloater. Almond milk is also dairy free which is good for anyone with dairy issues
  • The protein and healthy fats combined with the chia seeds make this truly a ready carpet ready remedy

Smoked Salmon Seaweed wraps (three ounces of smoked salmon; around a palm full)

  • Salmon is a protein powerhouse loaded heart healthy fats
  • This combination will keep you fueled and focused for hours (healthy fat = energy, stress relief and protein = stable blood sugar levels)
  • 3 ounces; around the size of your palm
  • The b-vitamins in seaweed are incredible for stress relief and smooth skin
  • Wrapping salmon in seaweed takes five seconds; instant sushi on-the-go
  • You can buy seaweed at any local market and has a nutty flavor it is also a great swap when you are craving a crunchy munch
  • Seaweed last awhile so you can store an extra stash in your purse, office drawer or car

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