HUNTINGTON BEACH ( — Police are searching for a hit-and-run suspect who slammed into a 17-year-old boy before speeding away, leaving him in critical condition.

The crash occurred at 9 p.m. on Monday at the intersection of Yorktown and Beach in Huntington Beach, leaving Steven Cureton unconscious.

Cureton was hit by the vehicle, which was reportedly traveling 35 miles per hour, launching him 40 feet into the air. His friend, whom he was walking with at the time of the hit and run, dialed 9-1-1 after the incident.

Cureton is currently at the hospital, and is said to be drifting in and out of consciousness. His injuries include four fractured vertebrae, a large hematoma in his spinal column, a fractured kneecap and a lacerated spleen.

The victim’s mother, who hasn’t left her son’s side since arriving at the hospital, has a message for the driver.

“My son matters. He’s a person, he’s a living human being. He has people that love him; he has people that he loves. He’s not thow away; he’s not trash. You can’t leave him on the side of the road. To hit him, and to do that much damage and drive away, leaving him unconscious, bleeding in the middle of a road, is just wrong. It’s time to do the right thing.”

Anyone with information on the hit-and-run is asked to contact the Huntington Beach Police Department.


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