TUSTIN (CBSLA.com) — Christina Schulz, an Orange County homeless woman, is being called a hero after saving a stranger’s life.

The single mother was on a job interview two weeks ago when she stumbled upon a young man in distress and dialed 911.

Schulz: “He’s turning blue. He is still alive.”

911 Dispatcher: “OK.”

Schulz: “He’s trying to breathe.”

With guidance from veteran Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) dispatcher Nancy Horn, Schulz managed to administer CPR.

Dispatcher Horn: “Keep one hand on the center of his chest between his nipples, your second hand on top of your first hand and rapidly compress his chest down about two inches.”

Prior to the incident, Schulz had never administered CPR.

“If it’s a CPR or maybe a baby not breathing, you get in there and you do what needs to be done. You do what it takes until the medics get there, until the fire department gets there,” said Horn.

Schulz, who didn’t land the job that day, told CBS2’s Michele Gile that she knows she was put there at that moment for a reason.

“When the police told me that his mother was by his bedside that day, I burst into tears because I’m a mom,” Schulz said.

On Friday, she came face-to-face with Horn at the facility where her and her daughter are temporarily living. Sally Concialdi, the wife of OCFA’s Capt. Steve Concialdi, also attended the gathering with gift cards and offers to help Schulz.

“I think what would probably help the most is that I have an email address here. I would love to help you find a job,” she told Schulz.


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