COSTA MESA ( — A widow is desperate to get back her husband’s ashes after a thief ransacked her home last week.

Costa Mesa police say they’re trying to locate a wooden black lacquer box containing the remains.

It was nabbed from the woman’s bedroom while the suspect was burglarizing her home, located on the north end of the city. Police say the suspect probably hopped a fence from Shiffer Park into the woman’s backyard.

It’s likely the suspect had not idea what the box contained.

“It was probably opportunism. The box, as I mentioned, was locked. They mistakenly believed that there were valuable items in the box; they’ll discover that’s not the case. And we need that box returned immediately,” Lt. Greg Scott said.

Investigators have been searching resale websites, such as eBay and Craigslist, to see if the suspect is attempting to sell the box and other stolen items, including a silver tea set and some jewelry. A crucifix, also containing ashes, was also taken.

Detectives are also contacting pawn shops in the area.

“Out of respect to the deceased and the widow we are asking anyone with knowledge of this box to respectfully return it immediately. They can do this anonymously through our police department and by contacting our dispatch. At this point, we just want to recover the urn,” Scott said.

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