LAPD: City Murder Rate Drops 16 Percent

LOS ANGELES ( — The murder rate for the city of Los Angeles was down 16 percent in 2013, police said Monday.

There were 251 murders within the city limits last year, compared to 299 in 2012, according to LAPD Lt. Andy Neiman.

Authorities attribute the drop to a number of things, including technology.

“A lot of people believe it’s the sociology of our environment. A lot of kids and youthful individuals are spending a lot more time on the Internet, which means they’re indoors a lot more. They’re not on the streets involved in street-level activities,” Lt. Neiman said.

Officials also theorize that criminal street gangs are shifting to less violent crimes, like fraud, identity theft and other offenses where financial rewards are greater.

More definitive answers are expected when analysts complete their work over the next several months.

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