MONTEREY PARK ( — Detectives Friday were investigating the death of a woman in Monterey Park.

Police responded to the 1700 block of College View Drive after receiving a welfare call around 4:30 a.m., officials said.

“We found a female Hispanic adult who was deceased inside the apartment. At this time we don’t know the cause of her death,” Lt. Dave Coleman said.

Detectives say she was not shot or stabbed, and there was no sign of a struggle inside the bedroom where the body was found.

The unidentified victim was reportedly with her significant other and extended family about six hours before she was found dead when an argument took place and the entire family decided to leave, detectives said.

Police were contacted again about an hour after the body was discovered.

“They received another call about a person acting suspiciously about four or five blocks from this location,” Coleman said. “They responded, detained the suspect and have since determined that he is the boyfriend or husband of the deceased. He’s not a suspect at this time because again we haven’t determined it is a homicide or what the cause of death is.”

There were signs of of break-in, including an open bedroom window and unidentified evidence in the bushes outside.

“There’s some evidence outside that window that we’re looking at. We don’t know exactly how it’s related to what occurred inside or may have occurred, but there is some evidence outside the window,” Coleman added.

Detectives were waiting for a search warrant of the apartment to continue the investigation. All family members have been detained for questioning.


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