STUDIO CITY (KCAL9) — Get crafty this Thanksgiving!

Deborah Stumm, founder of and Simply Super Celebrations Baking Kits, stopped by KCAL9 Wednesday to show viewers how to create a crafty kids’ table for Thanksgiving!

Pilgrim Hat Crayon Holders with Butcher Paper Tablecloth

Start by covering your kids’ table with brown butcher paper you can pick up at the craft store. This will become their canvas. Make pilgrim hat crayon holders using black paper cups, construction paper and glue. During dinner they can draw, doodle and document the things for which they are thankful.

Autumn Leaves Placemats

Send the kids on a scavenger hunt in the yard to collect the most colorful leaves they can find. Arrange them on a large piece of construction paper and secure with glue. Have an adult cover each placemat with clear contact paper to preserve their masterpiece and prevent against spills at dinnertime.

Mini-Mosaic Personal Pumpkins

These personal pumpkins will give each child an opportunity to give thanks for all they love in their life.  Start by having them cut out pictures and sayings from magazines that express their personality. Using découpage glue, apply the pictures to the pumpkin in an overlapping fashion and brush with a final coat of glue. Dry outside or in a well-ventilated area.

Turkey Leg Place Cards

Personalize each child’s spot at the table with these adorable place cards.  Made simply from brown lunch bags, craft sticks and rubber bands, they are a fun and festive addition to your feast.

Handprint Turkey Centerpiece

Top off your table with this simple centerpiece.  Trace your kids’ handprints onto fall colored construction paper and cut out. Secure to the back of a small terra cotta pot and add wiggle eyes and a beak. Fill with treats or snacks.

Candy Corn Turkeys & Adorable Acorns (time permitting)

Using chocolate cookies and candy corn, the kids can create these terrific Candy Corn Turkeys with true personality. Adorably Easy Acorns are other treats that are simple to make using only four ingredients and will make a delicious addition to the dessert table.


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