LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — The West Los Angeles College football team battled it out Saturday evening with Pierce College. And after the game, the teams battled again when the visiting team discovered someone had ransacked their locker room.

The West LA team — visiting Pierce at their home turf in Woodland Hills — discovered that sometime after half-time, someone burglarized their locker room and stole lots of personal property — as much as $15,000 worth.

Authorities said after learning of the theft the two teams engaged in a physical confrontation.

In addition to school personnel, officers from the Sheriff’s Transit Services Bureau, LAPD’s Topanga station and LAPD Aero all responded to the scene in an effort to quell the disturbance.

Officials said no arrests were made in connection with the physical confrontation.  The burglary is still under investigation.

At Pierce, the visiting team’s locker room is currently a makeshift bungalow with two doors and several windows. The windows have bars on them, according to a police report.

Doors to the bungalow were also locked so it is not clear to authorities how someone gained access.

KCAL9’s Cristy Fajardo spoke to one of the West LA players Sunday  by FaceTime.

“They took my iPhone, my iPad. I had some Beats by Dre [headphones] that was taken from me. They took my clothes. So I had to go home in my uniform. What else did they take? They took my money out of my wallet. They took my Social Security card,” said Trayviel Boone.

Authorities also said the exact amount of property stolen, as well as the complete nature of the stolen goods, is not known but said the theft mostly involved wallets, money and cell phones.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department fingerprint technicians were requested.

Detectives plan to speak to victims to better determine exactly what property was stolen.

“We have not had this type of incident happen at Pierce College before,” said Sgt. Michael Wolfe of the LA County Sheriff’s Department. But he added, “Valley College had a similar incident last week.”

To add possible insult to injury, Pierce also beat West LA handily.

And worse, when some of the West LA players called their stolen cell phones, they say a male voice answered taunting them and boasting about stealing their property.

Fajardo reported that some of the theft victims were so upset at the crime, they took out their frustrations by vandalizing the locker room.

The Sheriff’s department is asking anyone with information concerning the burglary to call the Sheriff’s Community College Bureau Detectives at (323) 669-7555.


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