LA Councilman Wants To Put Brakes On Impounding Cars Of Unlicensed Immigrants

LOS ANGELES ( — A Los Angeles city councilman wants to put the brakes on impounding vehicles of unlicensed immigrants until a new law allowing them to get driver’s licenses goes into effect.

“There’s no need to continue to apply laws that weren’t even designed for immigrant motorists. The 30-day impound was designed for drunken motorists,” said Councilman Gil Cedillo.

Cedillo noted that City Attorney Mike Feuer will appeal a judge’s recent ruling that struck down the Los Angeles Police Department’s impound policy, which allowed a 30-day hold on vehicles if the driver was unlicensed and uninsured.

“There’s no point in it,” said the councilman.

Cedillo said Gov. Jerry Brown’s signing of AB 60 on Thursday, which will allow nearly 2 million undocumented workers in California to obtain licenses, will change the dynamic of the state.

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