STUDIO CITY (KCAL9) — Need a little motivation?

Fit Chef Katy Clark, a fitness coach on the PEAR Fitness application, stopped by KCAL9 Friday to show viewers her 3,2,1 Done recipes that work with her workouts!

The PEAR Fitness App is a training system that coaches in real-time, creating the ultimate workout experience. 3,2,1 Done workouts and recipes were created for busy people that want maximum nutritional and workout benefits.

Mix and Match Salad:

The salad can change with the seasons.

5 basic pieces:

Greens choice:  Spinach, arugula,

Fruit Choice:  Apples, persimmons, Black berries

Nut choice:  cashews, marcona almonds, Sliced Almonds

Cheese choice:  Goat Cheese, blue, manchego

Protein choice:  chicken, steak, shrimp, salmon

Dressing- Simple homemade dressing that you can make in 1 minute.

Balsamic dressing, olive oil, honey mustard, salt and pepper

Italian Farro with Basil Chicken Dish

This dish has Farro in it which is a nutty grain that is high in fiber and has a great nutty chewy taste.

It’s a beautiful presentation for a table and a great leftover for lunch.

Packed with fiber, protein and veggies, plus the parsley is great for lung health, this dish is a must for a family dinner!

Farro cooked

Greens for underneath (arugula/ spinach)

Heirloom tomatoes cut large

Greek yogurt

Basil leaves


Chicken cooked

Quick and easy morning crunch

The chew and texture of this morning topping is great on yogurts, fresh peaches or mixed in pancakes.

Gluten free/ soy free

Packed with antioxidant

1 cup cacao nibs

2 cups almond chunks

2 cups goji berries

1 cup flax seed

Mix and store in an airtight container


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