After starting her career initially at Ernst & Young’s New York office, the newly promoted Edith Yavarian has relocated to Los Angeles and taken a promotion from senior manager to partner at Ernst & Young LLP’s tax practice based in Los Angeles. The certified public accountant (CPA) received her bachelor’s degree in business administration with an accounting concentration from Hofstra University and her master’s degree in taxation from Fordham University before she began providing tax services for small businesses, privately held companies and enterprises. Yavarian expresses her gratitude for the education that made this exciting new development possible.


Certified Public Accountant Edith Yavarian (photo courtesy of Edith Yavarian)

Certified Public Accountant Edith Yavarian (photo courtesy of Edith Yavarian)

Career success attributed to education

Yavarian definitely attributes her career success and recent promotion to some of the core classes required along with accounting and tax courses. She believes her education provided her with the foundational skills she needed to do her job well. “I gained research skills and techniques, and also became a more well-rounded business person,” says the CPA. She’s also thankful for the career guidance offered by the universities, the alumni connections and networking opportunities.

Importance of effective communication

One of the most important aspects of Yavarian’s job is to effectively communicate technical matters in layman’s term, especially since she represents a company that prides itself on its exceptional client service. When Yavarian took accounting 101, she remembers learning to write a letter on a technical matter to a non-accountant client. “The point the professor was demonstrating was not the actual technical aspect of the letter, but how well we are able to communicate and deliver the message,” recounts Yavarian. “Although it’s important to have technical knowledge, communicating and delivering information in a manner the client can understand is just as vital.”

Building relationships with mentors

There’s no denying the impact a strong educational background can have on one’s career coupled with years of work experience. The knowledge and technical skills acquired through formal education creates a sturdy foundation which can be built upon. The mentors you meet at every level of your education and career can provide you with years of wisdom to draw upon when making important career decisions for yourself. “I recommend having more than one mentor because everyone has different views and experiences which can be helpful,” says the CPA. She also attributes much of her success to having many mentors–both inside and outside the firm–who have helped her navigate her career.

“Graduating from college opens opportunities that are not otherwise available,” she says. “It provides skills that you don’t learn anywhere else, especially if your goal is a professional career. The more education you have, the more opportunities you will have.”

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