ORANGE ( — A church delivered boxes full of toys for pediatric cancer patients at an Orange County hospital on Friday.

The kids at the Holy Family Cathedral Vacation Bible School collected the gifts as part of a summer community service project for sick kids receiving radiation treatment at St. Joseph Hospital of Orange.

Spencer Demont knows first-hand how cancer affects children. His mother is a breast cancer survivor.

“At our VBS camp, we learned that many of our lives have been touched by cancer. Each year, at VBS, we have a program called ‘Operation Kid-To-Kid.’ We get to help kids all over the world. This year, we decided to help kids close to us,” he said.

Each child raised the money needed to purchase a new toy. A couple of the girls had a lemonade stand and one brought her pet guinea pig and charged a dollar to pet it.

“So what you’ve done today is very important. And even though you’re still young and you’re still small, what you’ve done is a very grown up and important thing to do,” said Dr. Robert Ash.


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