LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Doc Rivers is already getting to work, with hopes of a successful first year as head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers.

With new, young talent, the former Celtics coach is preparing to enter the 2013-14 season with big goals.

Rivers sat down with CBS2/KCAL9’s Sports Director Jim Hill, and spoke about some of those goals.

“I think the Clippers have won two playoff series since they’ve been in LA,” Rivers said. “Our goal is to win four series in one year, and that’s going to be hard.”

While he is focusing on success in the near future, Rivers is also looking towards the potential establishment of an NBA dynasty.

“I want our future to be a future of, when they think of the Clippers, they’re trying to win it again,” Rivers told Hill. “That’s why I came.”

The Staples Center, of course, is still more highly decorated in purple and gold than it is in red and blue. In terms of success, it is no secret that the Lakers are light-years beyond their crosstown roommates — a fact that Rivers is well aware of.

“I think the Lakers are always going to have an amazing fan-base and they should, they’ve earned it. All you have to do is look up in the rafters and see all those titles,” Rivers said. “I think we want to get there. We want to win titles. That’s what we’re here for, and that’s all I focus on.”

After nine years of coaching in Boston, steering the Celtics to a national championship in 2008, Rivers, who 584 wins in his coaching career, will be in control of a new pool of talent.

Players such as Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen provided Rivers with powerful weapons on the court.

However, with newer, younger players, including Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, who just agreed to resigned with the Clippers, Rivers will likely look to integrate a strategy that utilizes the highly-exciting “Lob City” type of play that has been putting fans in the seats.

“Winning is exciting on it’s own. You don’t need to create excitement if you’re a good basketball team,” Rivers said. “‘Lob City’ is great. I’d like for us to have a lot of lobs. But I want to win games. I want to be the winner. “

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