STUDIO CITY ( — Say hello to June Gloom! Once again, the low clouds are penetrating inland areas.

The on-shore flow is strong again this morning.  The clouds are thick enough to even squeeze out a little patchy drizzle again, just like yesterday morning.

We are anticipating hazy sunshine for the afternoon, with highs similar to yesterday: slightly below average for this time of year.

We will continue to deal with clouds in the morning for the next couple of days, but the marine layer should shrink towards Friday.  That’s when we will get some warmer temperatures inland.

Deserts will probably be dealing with triple digits and the warmest valleys will be in the 90s.  It’s short lived though, Sunday temps back off and the low clouds thicken.

Basin -low to mid 70s

Beaches – upper 60s

Valleys – mid 80s

Mountains – mid 70s

Deserts -upper 90s


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