STUDIO CITY (KCAL9) — Check out the new menu items at IHOP!

IHOP’s Executive Chef David Shaw stopped by KCAL9 Tuesday to show viewers how to make its new Brioche French Toast!

The new Brioche French Toast:

  • IHOP is introducing the new Brioche French Toast-a breakfast item that generally has not enjoyed the same attention to innovation as other breakfast foods like pancakes and waffles.

Brioche French Toast varieties include:

  • Bananas Foster French Toast comes with a classic New Orleans Foster’s sauce made with sliced bananas, caramelized in a buttery brown sugar glaze, crowned with powdered sugar and whipped topping.
  • Berry-Berry French Toast layers lightly-sweetened blueberries and sliced strawberries with a luscious dusting of powdered sugar and whipped topping.
  • Peaches & Cream French Toast combines sliced peaches, honey-roasted pecans and vanilla cream drizzle and comes dolloped with whipped topping.
  • They are a breakfast item you will want to sit down and enjoy each flavor and will be available in all IHOPs as of April 15th.


While IHOP uses a proprietary batter to ensure that our Brioche French Toast is perfectly delicious every time, here are some tips on how to make Brioche French Toast at home:

1.            Heat your griddle to 350 degrees.

2.            Add oil to your griddle

3.            Make sure you are using FRESH brioche bread

4.            When you make your batter, (again, ours is a proprietary recipe), we recommend you use eggs, milk and sugar, with vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg

5.            Dip your brioche slices into the batter just long enough to make sure it is evenly coated; DON’T SOAK!  (Nobody likes soggy French Toast!)

6.            To grill to perfection, put on the griddle for about two and a half minutes per side, until golden brown, hot through and through and slightly caramelized.

7.            Toppings can be as simple as powdered sugar, syrup or fruit.

For more information, visit IHOP.


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