Mother Forced To Pay Spousal Support To Man Who Raped Daughter (page 3)

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“It’s remotely possible and that concerns myself and it should concern those people in California that have similar situations,” said Uhl.

Abar is a registered sex offender, but under the plea agreement, his information is not accessible to the public.

Collins explained he took the plea deal to avoid a longer sentence.

“His way to get out of jail was to take a plea bargain and that’s what he did, but he’s very adamant that he’s not guilty of any of the allegations,” she said.

Carol and her daughter said they know the truth.

“It hurts me. I still feel like I’m being victimized,” Carol’s daughter said.

Carol said, “He victimized a little girl all these years and I have to pay him for that behavior…it just doesn’t make sense to me.”

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