Medical Test Uses Fingers To Predict Heart Disease

“I think it’s time to keep an eye on things because after 50, everything goes down hill,” Murphy said.

During Murphy’s EndoPat test, doctors placed blood flow sensors on a finger on each hand. Then a blood pressure cuff was inflated to stop blood flow to one hand.

After five minutes, the cuff was deflated, and the sensors measured recovering blood flow.

In a normal patient, blood flow stops when the cuff is inflated, but the patient experiences a rebound surge in blood flow when it’s deflated. In an abnormal test, blood flow only recovers to what it was before the stoppage. This signals potential trouble in the heart.

“If the results are not normal, you have to do lifestyle modifications. Lifestyle changes are in order to make them normal,” Dr. Renna saud.

Simple changes in weight, diet, exercise and perhaps medication can hopefully restore normal blood vessel function and prevent possible heart attacks or strokes.


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