Doctor Finds Success In Treating Infants With Flat-Head Syndrome

Florez treats children who already show the signs of Flat-Head Syndrome with therapy sessions of stretching and exercising the muscles in the neck.

The helmets can be uncomfortable as well as costly, averaging around $4000, with most insurance companies only covering a small portion of the cost. In cases where a helmet is needed, it must be worn 23 hours per day, and can be required between 2 to 9 months.

There are a number of factors that increase the risk of Flat-Head Syndrome:

• The mother carries multiples, such as twins.

• The baby is breech-born.

• A traumatic birth that requires tools to get the baby out.

• A premature delivery.

But Flat-Head Syndrome is reportedly a condition that can be helped, if action is taken early.

“If its just something that is identified quickly, and the parents are taught what to do, they could essentially help their child re-mold their heads so that its as round as it can be,” Dr. Florez said.


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