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By Sabrina Zubieta

Did you know that the original “Hollywood” sign read “Hollywoodland,” and that its primary purpose was to advertise the new housing development in the hills?

The Hollywood sign is an American culture icon overlooking the land of Hollywood. Thomas Fisk Goff designed the sign in 1923, and the 13-letter sign was decorated with 4,000 light bulbs that flashed in segments “HOLLY,” “WOOD,” and “LAND”. After just 18-months the sign eventually deteriorated and often fell victim to vandalism and pranks.

Since then the Hollywood sign has gone through many restorations and face-lifts, however its purpose personifies much more than advertisement – the sign will forever embody an industry, a lifestyle, and an aspiration.

This Historic-Cultural Monument of Los Angeles is only a forty-minute hike from the suburbs of Hollywood Hills on the Hollyridge Trail. First drive to the intersection of Franklin Ave. and Beechwood Drive in Los Angeles from here it is only a short 1.7 mile drive North towards the Hollywood sign. Once you make your way up the trail, prepare to fall in love with the city of Los Angeles from the breathtaking views a top Mount Lee.

This destination was chosen by Mercedes-Benz of Encino in Los Angeles to stimulate your mind with fresh ideas of adventure. To find out more about the Hollyridge Trail, visit the Hollywood Sign Trip website.

Making the drive to Hollywood in your own Mercedes-Benz would certainly enhance this unique L.A. experience. But, just imagine how satisfying it would be with all the comfort and agility of a 2013 Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUV.


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