Should Controversial Motorcycle Lane-Splitting Be Against The Law?

LAGUNA NIGUEL ( — Some drivers believe the controversial act of motorcycle lane-splitting risks people’s lives and should be against the law.

“It’s dangerous for them and mostly for me, too. Half the time I can’t even hear them coming down the side of the road,” said David Borsodi.

Motorist Lisa Wright said, “If you don’t look and he zips by you through traffic, you can kill somebody. It would ruin my life for ruining his.”

If done safely, however, riding between cars is perfectly legal in California.

“I see people that don’t know it’s legal and they get mad and open their doors and pull over on you,” said motorcyclist Jack Price.

The California Highway Patrol recently created guidelines, which were seven years in the making, that specify the safest way to lane-split:

  • A motorcyclist should split lanes at no more than 10 mph above traffic speed.
  • A motorcyclist should not split lanes when traffic is moving at more than 30 mph.
  • A motorcyclist should split lanes using the space between the No. 1 and No. 2 lanes.

Motorcyclists said if practiced, the regulations could save lives.

“I do split lanes myself, but I’ll do it at a safe speed,” said rider Kevin Powell.


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