ALHAMBRA ( — Police in the San Gabriel Valley were making streets safer for pedestrians Wednesday.

Alhambra police held a crosswalk checkpoint using officers, dressed as pedestrians, as decoys to catch drivers who failed to yield.

“You have to wait for them to cross from one side to the other side,” Alhambra Police Dept. Lt. Jennifer Weise said.

Officials said the checkpoint wasn’t just about enforcement, but also about education. Most drivers who were ticketed were distracted or unaware of the law.

Motorists are required to stop for pedestrians no matter where they are in the crosswalk, or they will face a ticket costing approximately $270.

“Check the street and keep on checking as you’re walking across. If you’re not paying attention, and the driver is not paying attention, somebody’s going to get hurt and it’s probably going to be you,” Alhambra Police Dept. Officer Sharon Frasca Williams said.

In Alhambra, a 7-square-mile city, there has been four serious accidents involving pedestrians in the past two months.


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