STUDIO CITY ( —  Six wives of Los Angeles Police Department officers said they were “living in fear” during the manhunt for quadruple murder suspect Christopher Dorner.


In an exclusive interview with CBS2’s Serene Branson, the mothers, who wished to remain unidentified, described the extreme anxiety their families dealt with after the 33-year-old ex-LAPD officer released a manifesto threatening members of the police force.

“Our safety was on the line,” “Margaret” said. “The cops are out there, but we’re behind the scenes. What about the family? The kids?”

“Anna” said, “He made threats to my husband’s captain. It was frightening.”

Branson asked the women how they felt when they found out Dorner was also targeting officers’ families.

“Denise” said, “(I thought)…Oh my God. He knows our tactics. He knows how to elude cops because he was one.”

“The families were more threatened because he wanted those officers to feel the pain,” said “Cheryl.”

The wives told Branson they were alarmed by a small group of people online who voiced support for Dorner.

“They’re just judging on what’s written by him…they’re not getting the other side,” Cheryl said.

“Janet” said, “That’s condoning murder of innocent people.”

“The (officers) are sacrificing for them. For the community. When we say goodbye to our husbands, we don’t know if they’re going to come back,” cried Margaret.

The women said it was difficult to watch the funeral of Riverside Officer Michael Crain, who was gunned down Feb. 7 allegedly at the hands of Dorner.

Janet said, “You do picture yourself in that situation. You do know that it could be you tomorrow.”

The wives said the police backlash they sometimes feel can be unbearable.

“That’s why we’re maintaining our secret identities because our husbands are like superheroes…they have this other identity that they need to stay on the down-low,” “Morgan” said.

Janet said, “I wish people would give them a break… they’re human… they’re good men… and they do their best.”

The wives said they kept their children in school and tried to keep their routines as normal as possible while the search for Dorner was underway.

Some of the women said their kids started praying, on their own, to keep their father’s safe every night.


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