LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com)  — The Los Angeles Police Department has released a new video of a missing Canadian woman hoping it will lead to her being found.

The photo and video of Elisa Lam, 21, was taken at the hotel where she was last seen.

Police are calling the woman’s disappearance “suspicious.” Lam was last seen in the lobby of the Cecil Hotel (near Skid Row) on January 31.

Police are hoping someone will recognize the woman and help track her down.

According to the Facebook page “Find Elisa Lam,” the Vancouver native does not have her glasses with her.

CBS2 and KCAL9 reporter Suraya Fadel says, the video shows the woman — in an elevator — acting bizarrely. It looks like she might be hiding from someone, but she doesn’t looked scared.

Alex Martinez of the LAPD says, “We see her going in and out of the elevator several times. That is strange.” He added, “I am not aware of any medical condition she might have … or mental.”

Her final destination was Santa Cruz. Lam’s family doesn’t know why she stopped in Los Angeles.

Fadel says her parents are now in Los Angeles aiding in the investigation but declined to make a public comment. Fadel asks Martinez if Lam could be running away from something or someone. “No, the unusual part is she was in contact with her parents every day. That’s the only strange thing the LAPD sees. The contact just stopped.”

Lam is known to take public transportation and Amtrak.

Anyone with information regarding Lam’s disappearance is asked to call Detectives Tennelle or Stearns at RHD’s Homicide Special Section at (213) 486-6890.

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