STUDIO CITY ( — Limited on time but still want to workout?

Angeles Burke, spokesperson for Celsius Fitness, visited the KCAL9 studios Monday to show viewers different workouts for people who are limited on time and demonstrated easy exercises to do when you are limited on equipment!

“Sneak ‘Em In” Pop Squats:

• Sneak a quick workout in to tone quads and hamstrings

a. Start with feet directly underneath you, legs slightly bent

b. Jump up and land in a squat position, dropping glutes low and keeping knees open. Try not to let them buckle inward.

c. Step back into starting position standing up with legs underneath you.

Couch Step-Ups:

• Use your couch or a chair to work out your legs while watching TV

a. Start with your right leg on the couch or chair. Keep your knee behind your toes. Arms are relaxed and down by your side.

b. With your chest up and back straight, drive through your right heel and lift your left leg off of the ground.

c. Hold at the top for one second.

d. You can add a glute kick back (extending the leg back and squeezing your glutes) with your left leg at the top.

e. Relax and control your body on the way down. Try to move as fast as possible while keeping your balance, barely touch the ground. Then explode back up to the top. Since you are working on one foot, your legs are working hard to stabilize your body.

Cooking in the Kitchen Lunges

• Who says cooking has to be dreaded work? Make it fun and get a great workout as you only allow yourself to lunge across the kitchen while cooking and baking: no walking allowed! Grab ingredients as you need them, making this workout more intense.

a. Start with your right leg forward, left leg back in a lunge stance.

b. Keep your front knee behind your toes and the majority of your weight on the front heel.

c. Push off the ground with your front heel and step your left leg forward past the right.

d. Keep your chest up, back is nice and tall. This is great for stability as well.


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