STUDIO CITY (KCAL9) — Looking for a way to make a few extra bucks?

Jennifer Adams stopped by KCAL9 Thursday to show viewers how to de-clutter their homes and find valuable household items!

Which items have the most value?

  • Jewelry and antiques can have a large dollar value attached to it so look for these items as a starting point
  • Clothing and accessories create a lot of clutter, so clear them out and make sure they’re clean and organized for resale
  • Don’t forget about household items including tools, extra appliances, children’s outdoor toys, and furniture. These items can sell for high price tags and go a long way towards clearing your house of unwanted clutter

Every room of your home contains hidden money. Take inventory:

  • Go through room by room and collect items that you no longer love, no longer serve a purpose, or you have duplicates of
  • Average home has $90 dollars in change and a stack of un-cashed checks laying around so gather these items

How to sell the items to get the most money:

  • Decorative accessories, children’s toys are easy sales at garage sales and will get things off your hands and money in your pocket quickly
  • Jewelry can be taken to a resale or consignment shop. Silver and gold both have high dollar resale value
  • Ebay and Craigslists are great ways to sell your larger items locally and have them picked up and taken off your hands
  • For items that you can’t sell, donate to charity so that you are able to claim a tax deduction on them. Make sure to properly document any donations

What to look for in each item, as well as where to go to find out the value:

  • Signatures on items. These can often be faded or hard to read
  • Costume jewelry from ages ago can often contain real gold. Take to a jewelry store, they can weigh and test
  • Paintings: Open up the backs, look for signatures, and often times labels of the origin or certificates

Websites to reference when trying to sell something:

  • Books:
  • Computers:
  • Vintage toys:
  • Pottery:
  • Jewelry:

For more information, visit Jennifer Adams Home.


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