AGOURA HILLS ( — Pranav Kalyan may seem like any other fourth grader at Willow Elementary School. He likes watching the TV show “Pokemon” and playing soccer with his friends.

But the Agoura Hills student also spends up to nine hours studying computer programming.


That drive helped the 9-year-old to become the youngest Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist.

“I read the books and I write the code on the computers and if I don’t understand what they say in the books I search it up on Google,” Pranav said.

The previous record holder was a 12-year-old from Dubai.

“He looks like any other little kid, acts like any other little kid, but I bet if you asked him any calculus problem he would zip up the answer quicker than lightning,” said Pranav’s fourth grade teacher Sharlene Church.

Pranav is even listed on Wikipedia’s “Child Prodigy” page under computer science.

“I was like really happy,” Pranav said.

Despite the circumstances, his parents don’t want him to skip a grade.

“We don’t want to push him, actually we are getting more advice from the school teachers and the principal and everything; we want to make sure he doesn’t lose his childhood, we want him to enjoy,” his father Kalyan Mohan said.

When asked why he went through all the work to get certified, Pranav proves once again that he’s wise beyond his years: “It’s easier to get a job when I’m older.”




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