STUDIO CITY ( — Sweeten up your New Year’s Eve with treats from Sugarfina.

Rosie O’Neill & Josh Resnick, co-owners of Sugarfina visited the KCAL9 studios Thursday to show viewers their selection of cocktail candies, each inspired by a different cocktail.

Sugarfina sources only the highest-quality chocolates, caramels, gummies, licorice, malt balls, cordials and other fine confections from all over the world.

Champagne Gummy Bears

• Made with real champagne, but don’t worry, they won’t make you tipsy!

• The white ones are the classic Brut champagne flavor and the pink ones taste like Rose champagne

• They’re light and fruity with a delicate Champagne taste

• They’re perfect for designated drivers and really fun for kids too

• We also have these Champagne Bubbles, which are little champagne-flavored gummies coated in white candy dots, really light and delicious.

Cuba Libre gummies

• Cuba Libre is a drink made with cola, spiced rum and a twist of lime, and that’s exactly what these gummies taste like

• If you like gummy colas, you will love this “grown-up” version with the rum-flavored twist.

Single Malt Scotch cordials

• Something stronger for the guys

• They don’t have any alcohol, but they are flavored to taste just like a fine scotch

• You bite into the chocolate shell and inside is a tiny little shot of scotch flavored liquid

• We also have Cognac and even Absinthe-flavored cordials.


• A drink made famous by the movie Moulin Rouge

• Sometimes called the “Green Fairy” – hence why these are green – and it was very popular in 19th century Paris

• The liquor is actually banned in many countries, including the U.S., because of its hallucinogenic properties

• These cordials don’t have real absinthe, just the flavor, which is like an herbal, almost licorice-like taste. This is a fun one for cocktail lovers who like interesting, more unusual drinks.

Beer Candies

• Belgian Ale gummies, imported from Belgium

• They have the aroma and taste of a smooth Belgian Ale and they’re shaped like little pints of beer

• To go with these, we also have Hard Cider Pints, which are a fizzy, chewy gummy that tastes like Hard Apple Cider.

Martini lovers

• A chocolate-covered almond that looks like a martini olive

• It’s a nice crunchy almond that has been dipped in rich white chocolate

• Really fun displayed like this in a martini glass on your cocktail table

To order or find out more, visit Sugarfina online.


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