STUDIO CITY ( — Regional Vice President for United Healthcare Medicare & Retirement in Southern California, Michael McCarthy, stopped by KCAL9 Sunday to make Medicare beneficiaries aware of the enrollment deadline!

Key Dates for Medicare Open Enrollment Period

•             Enrollment dates: Oct. 15 – Dec. 7

•             Options: Enroll in, dis-enroll from or make changes to your current coverage

Survey: Most 60+ adults find Medicare confusing

•             Most don’t understand the ABCs of Medicare

•             Nearly half have never “shopped” for Medicare coverage

•             More than half of baby boomers describe their ability to evaluate plans as “poor”

**survey conducted by: UnitedHealthcare & National Council on Aging

How to Compare Medicare Advantage Plans

•             Is your doctor or hospital in the plan’s network?

•             Are preventive screenings covered?

•             What additional benefits are included?

•             If prescription drugs are included, are your medications covered? What are the co-pays?

Pay Attention to Cost

•             Understand the monthly premium and annual out-of-pocket maximum for the plan, if there is one

•             Consider your out-of-pocket costs: premium, deductible, co-pays and coinsurance

•             Check the drug list for the cost of prescriptions

Cost Savings in Medicare Part D

•             Check if the plan has a preferred pharmacy network

•             Take advantage of new discounts in the “donut hole” as a result of health reform

•             In 2013, beneficiaries pay 47.5 percent for brand-name drugs and 79 percent for generic drugs while in the coverage gap

•             Discounts gradually increase each year until the coverage gap is closed in 2020

Resources to Help with Enrollment Decisions

•             Community support: family, friends, senior organizations, doctors and pharmacists

•    or 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227)

•    or


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