STUDIO CITY ( — Be healthy while eating fast food on the go!

Certified nutritionist Robert Ferguson visited the KCAL9 studios Friday to show viewers how they can eat fast food and still be healthy.


• Where people go wrong: Eating the bun with fries is how you add inches to your thighs.

• Where people can go right: Eat the Burger or Filet O Fish by itself OR opt for a chicken salad with fries if they truly want them.


• Where people go wrong: Two fast carbs (rice and noodles for instance) shifts the body into fat storing mode.

• Where people go right: Have 1 fast carb (rice or noodles) and 1 slow carb (broccoli, green beans) to make it fat burning.


• Make calorie-range and the amount your consuming priority when eating Mexican because most of the food being offered is fused together (e.g., burrito).

• Where people go wrong: Not aware of the calorie-range and eat in excess (ex: eating burrito with chips/fries).

• Where people go right: Make one item (burrito) the meal or snack. So if you choose a burrito, don’t add chips.

• EXAMPLE: Chicken burrito and an iced tea or water, and you’ll be consuming a fat burning meal. The options for building a fat burning meal is huge in Mexican Food. The biggest challenge is the sodium so make sure you are well hydrated.


• Where people go wrong: Eating chips with their sandwich.

• Where people can go right: If you want chips, swap out the bread and enjoy a salad. Otherwise, make the sandwich your fat burning meal.

• General tips and suggestions include being mindful of the amount and role of regular soda, which is a fast carb.


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