roctuplets music video Octomoms Octuplets Form A Band, Release Christmas Song

(credit: YouTube)

LOS ANGELES ( — Octomom Nadya Suleman’s octuplets have now formed a band.

The Roctuplets released their first single, “I’m Ready for Christmas”, Friday on YouTube featuring Suleman’s five older children.

Suleman’s oldest child 11-year-old Elijah is the lead singer in the video, singing the majority of the lyrics, which include:

“Countdown to Christmas and we are so ready. Momma told me that Santa’s coming. At school we love to watch; at school we love to learn. Now I’m just waiting for Christmas to come.”

Elijah’s 13 siblings chime in during the chorus, singing:

“We just waitin’ on Christmas Day….I’m ready, I’m ready…”

Suleman, who checked into rehab last month, released a duet single, “Sexy Party”, with Billboard Top 10 Artist Adam Barta on Nov. 10 through GR Media, the same entertainment and management company responsible for the Roctuplets’ Holiday song.

On Saturday, Barta released “I Need a Doctor“, which according to GR Media, was written exclusively for Nadya to “inspire her to finish her stint in rehab and look forward toward the bright future she has waiting for herself and the kids.”

The Roctuplets have a website, a Twitter account and a YouTube channel.

The nearly two minute Christmas song is available to purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

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